Useful Information

We provide great-tasting edible confectionery at great affordable prices. 

all of our items contain high amounts of THC and CBD.

CBD is good for health however RSO (rick Simpson Oil) is the real healer.
This is why we use both of them and create different products to suit the individual.

any item your unhappy with can be returned for a full refund however we have never had a unsatisfied customer, why because our products are not for novelty and for want, our products fit more into the need category as research shows for health purposes our oils are naturally medicinal.

Any questions feel free to message!


The oil we use in all our delicious products has a long history of medicinal use through many cultures dating back thousands of years. If we look back far enough we can date it to 2700 BC, when Chinese emperor Shen Nung, considered to be the father of Chinese medicine, discovered marijuana’s healing properties and would prescribe it for treatment of several ailments including gout, arthritis and even poor memory

Its medicinal purposes vary: it can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting in people going through chemotherapy, it has offered relief of symptoms for people with HIV/AIDS, and has been used to treat chronic pain, muscle spasticity, and several neurological disorders.

Research has also recently revealed that marijuana can destroy certain cancer cells and reduce the growth of others, including an aggressive form of brain cancer.

cancer-fighting agent, all of these nasty side effects of smoking can still cause cancer and/or other illnesses in your body. Also, many people are unable to smoke for health reasons, so this is a viable alternative.